The product life cycle and product market expansion grid

About Marketing-Insider Portfolio Planning: Designing the Business Portfolio — Strategies for Growth and Downsizing Once the company has analysed its current business portfolio and determined which SBUs should receive more and which less investment, it must now shape its future portfolio. This is the second essential part of designing the business portfolio: By using the Boston Growth-Share Matrix portfolio analysis approach, the firm has learnt how its current business portfolio looks like and which strategic business units should receive more and which others less attention.

The product life cycle and product market expansion grid

A View Upon Product and Market Like other life form, the product itself has particular point of age and sometime, when it is not taken care, the chance to be faded from the market is high. The implementation for this matrix from the assessment of growth opportunities will be mentioned as well.

Last but not least, my unique experience in leading the Group to the Final Marketing Presentation will be shared as well.

This case study reveal one of the most important theory: Regarding to Lancaster and Massingham inlike the other life form, when the product penetrate into the market, they all have finite life. Beside that, in a book inKotler and Keller make a very significant statement when saying a product has life cycle in order to emphasize four things: Therefore, at some point of the time, the product will see its end and will fade from the market.

In addition, like humans have to pass through the stages of infant, teenagers, adults, etc. A sine wave shape will go through these four stages: An Individual Journal Page 4 2. Therefore, the main tactic point at that moment was that focusing in renewing the brand image of Nutri-Grain instead of accepting a higher risk and higher cost to diversify a new product.

The marketing mix includes of some elements: A Kellogg's Case Study, Can it be with Diversification instead? They did not make a total change toward their whole product brand in order to adapt completely with the market.

In fact, they made a re-launch campaign with a new brand image to create a new awareness toward the customers.

The reaction of the market in this case, is an factor to help them reveal the trend. Therefore, they make an innovation of the existing product with two main points: An Individual Journal Page 8 than gritty and Customers would like to have easy-to-eat indulgent style food biscuit and cake, etc.

This can be seen as a combination between a Market Orientation and Product Orientation. They still keep the value of the Product but still tend to adapt with the Market properly.

Beside the higher costs, higher risk of failure, the analysis about the market as we stated above help them to decide for the Product Development.

Moreover, there are also two major reasons that we think the Product Development is the best way: With the existing customers and potential buyers, the new Nutri-Grain would be consumed right after it is sold out.

Marketing Plan and Advertising Cost: Moreover, the mass production of quantity, the costs for Advertising Costs will be spread for those large number of products as well Economies of Scale.

In the long-term, the comprehensive strategy formulation should be referred as:The Ansoff Matrix management tool offers a solution to this question by assessing the level of risk – considering whether to seek growth through existing or new products in existing or new markets.

The product life cycle and product market expansion grid

HL7 encompasses the complete life cycle of a standards specification including the development, adoption, market recognition, utilization, and adherence.

April Underwood is Slack's new chief product officer. Slack.

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After more than two years at Slack, April Underwood recently got promoted to be its chief product officer. focusing on a number of the primary product life cycle management techniques that can be used to optimize a product's revenues in respect to its effective positioning in a market during the introduction stage of the product life cycle.

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