Bertrand russell essays the future of mankind

I do not wish to expose myself again to this charge; I will therefore confess that there are several sentences in the present volume which some unusually stupid children of ten might find a little puzzling. There are some very funny parts of the essays, many would be worthy of a stand up comic speaking to a group of intellectuals. Nonetheless, the book is a great delight and challenge, even 62 years after it was published.

Bertrand russell essays the future of mankind

The Cold War defined the antagonism between the Soviet Union, and their allies, and the United States, and their allies. Russell begins his essay, "The Future of Mankind," with three possible scenarios for the future. Given that a third world war, erupting from the Cold War, was one of Russell's greatest concerns, his prospects for the future dealt with the possibility of such a war atomic, no less or some way to avoid such a war.

If such a war were to occur, Russell supposed the destruction of human life, and possibly all life, on the planet. Atomic bombs and their after-effects radiation clouds, disease, etc.

Russell's second scenario is that the world would revert to a state of barbarism.

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This too could result from a widespread atomic world war. The only solace is that such outcome leaves open the possibility that humans could return to a civilized state. Russell compares this possibility to the fall of Rome which was followed by a relatively more barbaric time notably the Dark Ages but was followed by a Renaissance and eventually a more technological and organized world.

Russell's third scenario is the unification of the world under one united power. Russell adds that such a united power is the most preferable outcome a more powerful and all-encompassing authority than, say, the United Nations.

Russell notes that as long as there at least two supremely powerful states Soviet Union and United Statesthe threat of an atomic world war is always possible.

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And as technology increases, the destructive power of such a war increases. In other words, the more technologically advanced the world becomes, the more destructive our wars become; therefore, Russell believed that a unified world state becomes more and more necessary in order to avoid such a catastrophic war.

He also clearly preferred an American victory rather than a Russian victory - whether that be the result of diplomatic relations or the result of a war.

He even added that if America were communist and Russia were capitalist, he would still prefer an American victory because there was more intellectual and social freedom in America.

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Although a united world state does have problems, Russell believes that under such a state, the threat of war will be lessened or eliminated, leaving humans to put more attention on human happiness.

Although Russell presents gloomy potentials for the future, he believes that an immeasurably good outcome can emerge from the third scenario: What the world most needs is effective laws to control international relations. The first and most difficult step in the creation of such law is the establishment of adequate sanctions, and this is only possible through the creation of a single armed force in control of the whole world.Bertrand Russell calmly examines three foreseeable possibilities for the human race.

The Future of Man. in view of man's long record of folly and cruelty. But we who are actors in the. Unpopular Essays has ratings and 47 reviews.

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Maru said: Bertrand Russell was one of the world’s best known public intellectuals in the latter half of /5. Oct 14,  · Reading Bertrand Russell Sunday, October 14, Unpopular Essays, Chapter 3 Chapter 3 (pages ), “The Future of Mankind”.

The Future Of Mankind By Bertrand Russell  Bertrand Russell critique of Christianity Why I Am Not a Christian begins by first defining a Christian as a, “person who believes in God, immortality and also believes that Christ is the most divine, best and wisest of all men.

Bertrand russell essays the future of mankind

“Bertrand Russell fights against the threatening slaughter- because he is a man who loves life.” Russell discuses three possibilities about “The Future of Mankind.”. Feb 05,  · The Future Of Mankind By Bertrand Russell Q. Russell seldom takes refuge in fantasies yet his idea of the world government seems to be quite farfetched.

Elaborate from his works, especially ‘Unpopular Essays’.

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