A change that lead to freedom

While the trait theory of leadership has certainly regained popularity, its reemergence has not been accompanied by a corresponding increase in sophisticated conceptual frameworks.

A change that lead to freedom

Zahradil also served as Member of the Chamber of Deputies from to It has recently been revealed in the Czech media that you have decided to stand for the President of the European Commission.

A change that lead to freedom

On your Twitter account, however, you stated that you are not interested in this position. So, what is your explanation? It is intended to make the European elections more attractive.

The problem is that, at the same time, the European Parliament wants — and this is where I disagree — for the future President of the European Commission to be only chosen from these Spitzenkandidatens.

This is something our group disapproves of because we prefer to stick to the European treaties which state that the President of the Commission is picked by the European Council.

So, such narrowing the scope for manoeuvre — which the European Parliament is attempting to do by bending the treaties to its favour — is something we disagree with.

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I am therefore deliberately saying yes, I wish to stand for this election and be the ECR European Conservatives and Reformists candidate, but this does not mean that I consider myself a candidate for the President of the European Commission.

However, the Treaty of Lisbon states that the European Council, when nominating a candidate, must consider the results of the European elections. How else can this condition be met?

The European Council members always used to meet and discuss a prospective candidate until they made their final decision. French President, Emmanuel Macron is also in opposition to this proposal. Why do we confine ourselves to just Europe? One of the arguments in favour of introducing the Spitzenkandidaten system is to boost the EU executive body legitimacy.

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I do not think so, because I am convinced that even those candidates who pass their party selection procedure and who are selected as Spitzenkandidaten on behalf of their political groups, are known almost exclusively in their native countries.

I recognize however that if Angela Merkel stood for the Commission chair, perhaps most Europeans would know her. It seems obvious that a name itself does not generate more popular support, and last European elections clearly proved that the Spitzenkandidaten system did not work at all.

Another reason to apply this procedure once again is to increase the popularity of European elections. Slovakia and the Czech Republic have the lowest voter turnout in the EU. How else can we ensure that more voters come to the polls in May?

I am not entirely nervous about the low turnout in some countries. Some people simply see it this way. Many of them apparently think that they cannot influence anything through elections to the European Parliament. Those really interested in the EU will come to the polls, and I always say that anyone who wants to find some information about the EU has countless ways to do so.

There is enough information about the European elections in the media. We have a bicameral parliament in our country and there is also a low turnout in the Senate elections.

I do not see this as a tragedy. Of course, the legitimacy of the European Parliament is not high, but the attitude of not voting at all is also legitimate.

What led you to decision to run for ECR lead candidate? The first, anti-EU extreme, is set to dissolve or to leave the Union.To lead innovation successfully you should start with yourself.

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All about change, open eyes and aware minds. Lead your own sustainable revolution. Freedom Of Choice. Freedom Of Choice. Freedom of choice is one of the most fundamental rights of every human. Freedom Riders were civil rights activists who rode interstate buses into the segregated southern United States in and subsequent years to challenge the non-enforcement of the United States Supreme Court decisions Morgan v.

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A change that lead to freedom

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